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Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy is very simple: we don’t collect or store any of your data or track your usage in any way. We only use cookies that are essential to run this website.

External Links

Our website contains external links to other websites. We do not have any control over these websites and therefore cannot be responsible for the protection of personal information when you visit them. For your own peace of mind we advise you check the privacy policy of the websites concerned.

Not Secure Websites

Your browser may show a “Not Secure” warning when visiting this and many other websites. This does not mean your computer or the site are affected by malware. It is just to alert you that you do not have a secure connection with that page. This website has no facility for logging in or providing personal or payment information. Therefore the Not Secure warning is not an issue. The only user input facility is the contact form which should be treated as a normal email, i.e. do not include sensitive information in your message.

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